Important news! Since January we have been merged with our parent company Textkernel


With the TLN collective bargaining agreement, we were able to get the biggest bang for our buck in a short time. This saves us a lot of time. We can now do 4 times more turnover with the same people in our back office.

Marco Reder - IT Manager

Saving thousands of manual tasks with Akyla's midoffice platform

From 15 to 6 time processors per week

Automate as many processes as possible

47% more hours processed per FTE compared to prior year

Akyla can no longer be left out of the process

From an in-house custom platform to the Akyla

A 100% digital hours processing process

Roll out 4x faster

Save 1.2 FTE per week with onboarding

Time savings and better service through margin billing

Save 2FTE on time processing of over 1,300 temp workers

Serving 5X more students with the same team size

4X more revenue with the same people

A comprehensive digital registration system

Akyla essential part of Mettom

We continue as:

Since January, we have merged with our parent company Textkernel. Our website will transition to Textkernel website at the end of April 2024. Until this time you can still find relevant information about our mid-office platform.