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Known as e-UUR

The midoffice platform for the staffing industry

Trusted by 200+ staffing organizations

Working more efficiently thanks to automation

The impact of a midoffice

A midoffice platform helps you streamline and automate important business processes. As a staffing organization, you deal with large amounts of data that you have to process - according to laws and regulations. By automating midoffice processes, you can reduce administrative burdens, work more efficiently and scale up faster.

In addition, the midoffice portal is the only place where all your stakeholders log in. Besides allowing you to better streamline processes, it also allows for more engagement. 

One portal for all stakeholders

Fully automate complex and recurring processes

Getting the most out of all applications

What do you control in a midoffice platform?


Time Capture

Time interpretation (Xplican)

Workflow Automation



End-to-end solution

The connection between back and front office applications

The midoffice portal is the one place where all your stakeholders log in and can perform actions themselves. As a midoffice platform, we streamline data through smart links with commonly used front- and back-office applications. This way you always have the right information available and avoid duplicate actions.  

Data retrieval and sharing

Single Sign On

Api integrations

Modular construction

Self-reliance and maximum flexibility

The staffing industry is a market that is and always will be in flux. Whether it's changing laws and regulations or an economic crisis; you need a platform that can quickly adapt to circumstances. A platform you can grow with.

Our platform is modular and allows you to automate processes yourself. 


Extensive knowledge base

Support when needed

ready for growth

Always scalable

The flexibility and all the features our platform offers will help you grow faster. You can do more with the same people. By automating most of the time-consuming processes, you ensure that your flex organization is and remains scalable. 

Proven for high volumes

Adapt quickly to change

Do more with the same people

fully auditable

Comply with laws and regulations

Compliancy assurance is very important for temporary employment agencies. With Akyla you ensure the correct application of collective labor agreements and hirer compensation, the safe storage of personal data of temps and you comply with the AVG laws and regulations. 

Proper application of collective labour agreements and hirer compensation

Data fully protected and securely stored

Assign authorizations to users

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Platform fully customizable

To distinguish yourself and strengthen your competitive position, you would like a portal completely in your own branding. Or maybe you want to take it a step further with a completely proprietary platform, in which you do use the proven solutions of our platform. It's all possible. 

Own branded interface

3rd party software integration

Custom development

Get the most out of the platform

Support & assistance

Migrating to a (new) software solution requires the right support and assistance. Our consultants ensure a silent implementation and help you get everything out of the platform. 

Implementation support

Support available by mail and phone

Proactive and experienced consultants

Internationally deployable

Offer the platform in the language of users

Do you work with multiple nationalities? The Akyla platform and app is available in more than 26 languages. You can set a language per profile. This allows the temp to see his or her interface in his or her own language, thus offering a better user experience. This also makes the platform suitable for flex companies with offices abroad. 

Serve your temps in your own language

Roll out the platform in all your countries

Available in 26+ languages

Akyla is a stable and proven product for the staffing industry. It was a logical choice. Especially with the time interpretation allows us to ensure compliancy.

Bob van Groeninge - IT manager Hummingbird HRM


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Increase in productivity

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Take the next step in automation.

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Since January, we have merged with our parent company Textkernel. Our website will transition to Textkernel website at the end of April 2024. Until this time you can still find relevant information about our mid-office platform.