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Digital file

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In the digital file you process pay slips, invoices, identity documents and signed employment contracts, hiring agreements, loan agreements, certificates and VCAs or VOGs, among other things . You can also request approval of specific documents and have them digitally signed.

The digital file can be found not only in the desktop version of our portal, but also in the Akyla app. This ensures that temps and hirers can access their data anytime, anywhere. 

comply with laws and regulations

Legal digital signing

So with digital signature, you can have your temps contracts digitally signed. But there's more. Your hiring agreements, phase agreements and loan agreements can also be signed digitally in full legal effect. And those documents too, signed and all, end up in the digital file.

Our digital signature complies with all the requirements set out in European Parliament directives.


Defining roles and rights

One of the main advantages of our digital file, is the fact that you can define your own roles and rights. In other words, you always have control over who is allowed to view, add or share which documents. Another advantage is flexibility.

Perhaps you want to perform automatic identity checks on all identity documents. Or that you always want to sign employment contracts digitally, using our digital signature. You can easily set this (and more) up. And the choice is always up to you. 

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Proven features for Document management

For more than 20 years we have been working on the midoffice platform for the staffing industry. These features were developed in cooperation with our customers and thus represent the greatest needs for automation in staffing agencies. 

Authentication code signing
Memories signing
Set confidential documents
Convert Word (docx) to PDF
Notification expiration date document
Signature by multiple users
Signature expiration time
Status check documents
Contracting agreements
Loan agreements
Payroll tax forms
Employment contracts
Digital signature
Contract generation



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