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CASE - Logistic Force

From 15 to 6 time processors per week

Biggest challenge:
Creating a unified way of working around collective labour agreements

Logistic Force reaps benefits of automatic collective bargaining interpretation

With 20 branches throughout the Netherlands, staffing organization Logistic Force is a major player in the market. When Logistic Force contacted us a few years back, they were still doing many business processes manually. "Before the arrival of e-UUR , we were still working with paper time sheets that we typed into Excel. Very labor-intensive, and also error-prone," explains Debby Smits, business architect at Logistic Force. "By now e-UUR has become part of the core process and it is impossible to imagine the organization without it."

Time interpretation for specific cla: no problem at all

In 2018, they are starting to implement the interpreter and it is quickly delivering results. Especially with the CLA for freight transport in the Netherlands. Debby: "The interpreter can handle that CLA with ease. It took some time to set up the CLA profile properly, but we had help from an Akyla consultant. And now the profile is solid as a rock. Temps now enter their hours in e-UUR and the system automatically calculates the overtime, additional hours and expenses to which they are entitled. There's nothing else to worry about - and I'm sure you can guess how much time this saves us."


Application manager Mark Rens is also enthusiastic about the capabilities of the time interpreter. "You can adjust a lot yourself in it, so you can really put your own spin on it. An advantage of the interpreter is also that you think about the hirer's compensation in advance. Clients also like the fact that we check this in advance and see that we are serious about it."

No longer room for own interpretations

Another advantage of the interpreter is that there is no longer room for individual interpretations. Debby: "Every branch is now forced by the system to read the rules the same way. That is nice for our temps, who always get paid the correct wage, but also for ourselves. It is unambiguous, and Time Capture and time interpretation is much easier to transfer internally - for example, in case of vacation or illness. Not only that: if there is an audit by the SNA or an external party, we can show in e-UUR that we apply the hirer's compensation correctly. That is, of course, an extra motivation."

A special solution for on-board computers

That fewer corrections are needed also applies to temps - in this case drivers - who work with an on-board computer. Import profiles have been created for this purpose. Debby: "Because of an onboard computer, the expense allowances and supplements can vary slightly. For example, a driver starts work at 8 a.m. but does not get into his truck until 8:15. That quarter hour worked is missed by the on-board computer. The on-board computer now reads the hours worked and creates an Excel file from it. That file is imported using the import tool, after which time sheets are automatically created for it. After those slips have been adjusted if necessary and then approved, they are interpreted and the correct allowances and surcharges are automatically applied."

Part of the core process

So at Logistic Force, they see the platform as part of the core process. Mark: "Our product is selling hours and if an invoice or a payment does not go well, that is a problem. So you want to get that right. Since we started using e-UUR , we have a lot fewer errors in invoicing and payroll and our back office has more of a controlling function. As a result, we save a lot of hours. Without the automatic time interpretation, we would need about 15 time processors spread across the branches. Now there are only 6."

Centralized time processing and customer setup

This year, therefore, Logistic Force is taking an important next step by setting up a central "Time Processing" team. Mark: "Previously, time processing was arranged from the various branches, but we are growing and are now spread throughout the country. Then it is ideal that we can arrange the time processing centrally. In addition to the central time processing, Logistic Force has also set up a central 'Client set-up' team. This team is responsible for the complete set-up of new and existing clients, CLA increases and all related questions. This team also sets up its own CLA profiles and import profiles. For this purpose, the colleagues  have attended various training courses at Akyla. Control does still take place at the branches themselves."

Onboarding via iPad on site or from home

In addition to time interpretation, Logistic Force also uses onboarding. Until a year ago, they still did digital onboarding mainly on paper. Mark: "In the beginning it took some time getting used to, but after a few weeks everyone got the hang of it and now it's very normal. It runs super now. Some branches choose to do the registration at the office, others leave it to the temp to do it themselves. It's nice that both can be done."
For example, Logistic Force has an iPad at each office where the temp can register themselves. "Some intermediaries let the temps register on that, others send them a link so they can do it at home. Both work perfectly and it's good that both options are there."

Customer engagement through the portal

Improving the customer experience is what Logistic Force does with the help of its content management system. This allows users to provide additional content through the dashboard. Mark: Besides allowing them to view their documents through the portal and app, we also display our news items in the dashboard. But we also have, for example, a tile for a budget coach, so the temp can sign up for this through the portal. We want the portal to be the place where you can find all the information and where we can communicate in the preferred language."

In the future, Logistic Force plans to automate more processes by making greater use of the workflow automation. This will allow them to set up processes independently. The first step they want to take with this is requesting vacation pay.

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