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Quick temps and hirers onboarding

Trusted by 250+ flex organizations

Fully legal

Digitally generate and sign contracts

Onboarding allows you to enroll temps, freelancers or your own employees or take on contracts completely digitally. From entering the name and address details to entering all the necessary contract information, such as start date and hourly wage. 

You also generate documents digitally and have them signed digitally. For example, employment contracts, labour agreements, hiring agreements or payroll tax forms. These can then be found in the digital file. 

Request agreement on specific documents

Get insight into status of documents

View, manage and share documents

Flexible or hirer-specific

Fully customize onboarding

Do you have different onboarding processes? Or does hirers require specific onboarding?

With Akyla you decide what registrations look like and what questions the temp, freelancer or employee you want to take on contract must answer. You can set this up completely by yourself or start with one of the standard templates that you can immediately use or modify. 

Different roles and processes

Within the platform you can work with different roles. Obviously you yourself as the supplier, but in addition you also have the temp, hirer and possibly a mediator. Within the onboarding, for example, you can decide who can start and approve an onboarding. Some examples:

  • hirer completes, temp completes, hirer agrees
  • hirer fills in everything
  • hirer fills in, temp approves and completes
  • Supplier completes, temp completes. 
comply with laws and regulations

Legitimate digital identity verification

The onboarding includes an identity check via document scan or iDIN. Via the document scan, the system checks the ID proof for authenticity, whether the document has not expired and whether the temp is allowed to work in the Netherlands with this document. 

In addition, it is possible to use iDIN verification. With this, the temp identifies himself through the bank, where his or her data is already verified. Also, the data is automatically retrieved, so you do not have to fill it in separately. 

In both cases, you comply with laws and regulations and can provide the quality and security that hirers expect from you. 

Bulk import

Onboard large groups at once

Onboarding multiple temps at the same time can be time-consuming, despite automation. Therefore, our platform also offers the ability to onboard multiple temps simultaneously using the bulk import tool. 

Import large batches of new temps. The temps will be automatically notified when they have outstanding data to fill out or contracts to sign. 

The best features with customization capabilities

A platform you can build on


Modular design. User-friendly and intuitive. Self-sufficient.


Proven for high-volume processing.


Own branded interface and 3rd party integration.

27 languages

Show the environment in the language of your temp.

Serve more customers with the same people

Proven Features for Onboarding

For more than 20 years we have been working on the midoffice platform for the staffing industry. These features were developed in cooperation with our customers and thus represent the greatest needs for automation in staffing agencies. 

Perspective dependence
Extended registration form configuration
Matching existing temps
Authentication code signing
Signature by multiple users
Status check documents
Agreement payroll tax credit
Authorization units
Role management hirer users
Hirer onboarding based on KvK (chamber of Commerce)
Importing data from back office
Automatic reminders
iDIN verification
Import function temps and hirers
IBAN (banknumber) check
Automatic wage calculation
Travel distance calculation
Export Onboarding
Setting multiple dependencies
Identity check
Digital signature
Create placements
Contract generation

Thanks to onboarding, we save half an hour per enrollment. That's easily 1.2 FTE per week! Thanks to industry-specific innovations like these, we knew pretty quickly that Akyla was the perfect partner for us.

Rob Wennink - Managing Director

-2 FTE

needed on time processing


Increase in productivity


margin billing savings


needed at back office


Our specialists will help you every step of the way

Migrating to a (new) application has an impact on your organization. We understand this like no other. With great care, we handle daily implementations. We support you step by step during the migration. 


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