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Why redeployment?

As a staffing agency, you are currently facing a severe shortage of candidates. Demographic changes ensure that this problem will continue in the coming years. Therefore, as a staffing agency, you will benefit from more and better transfers to avoid time-consuming recruitment processes. 

The problem is that crucial candidate availability information is often missing from front office systems. Information that is available is our midoffice platform. In cooperation with our parent company Textkernel, we are closing that knowledge gap. 

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Collaboration textkernel

Matching engine combine with midoffice

Since June 2022, we have been part of Textkernel. And that opens up opportunities for redeployment! Textkernel is an international leader in AI-driven solutions for analytics, data enrichment and matching people and jobs. Textkernel enables, among others, thousands of recruitment and staffing agencies worldwide to work smarter and more effectively by creating efficiencies in the HR and recruitment process.

By combining their matching engine with our midoffice platform, customers using Akyla and Textkernel will in the future benefit from matching results that are better aligned with their processes and candidate availability.

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Providing opportunities at the right time

You can then offer candidates new opportunities at the right time, increase retention and avoid repeat recruitment and onboarding costs. It also creates a positive effect on candidate engagement and experience. That means:

Higher occupancy rates

Lower cost per hire

Shorter time-to-hire

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