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CASE - Timing

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Biggest challenge:
Standardized workflow for Time Capture and time processing

From customization to uniformity

The introduction of a standardized working method for Time Capture and time processing in the temporary employment sector has been a long time coming within the temporary employment industry. ICT service provider Akyla has developed an innovative and user-friendly solution for Timing Uitzendteam to digitally link systems for Time Capture . The platform realizes enormous time savings. Not only for Timing, but also for hiring companies.

Together with Timing, Akyla's ICT specialists have developed a web-based system that greatly improves and simplifies the exchange of data for Time Capture in the temporary employment industry. The new system eliminates the risk of errors such as duplicate data entry. The platform was first introduced to some of Timing's major customers in early 2017. The experiences of working with it are extremely positive.

From customization to uniformity

Until now, the use of different administrative software systems at user companies has hindered the introduction of a well-functioning standard for digital Time Capture and the processing of all administrative and financial data. As a result, Timing Groep, Akyla's customer and the third largest temporary employment agency in the Netherlands, has for a long time provided customized software per customer to connect them properly to its own system. This obviously cost a lot of time and money. Very often the systems of hiring companies had to be adapted. Nevertheless, during parameterization (conversion to model parameters) things still sometimes went wrong.

The new system integrates the Akyla products e-UUR and Xplican into an online platform that greatly simplifies the digital processing of hours and the exchange of all administrative data. As a result, the chances of making mistakes are much lower.

Is there a wrong entry after all? Then this can easily be noticed in the system by an intermediary so that it can be adjusted immediately.

System-independent design

Since mid-2016, hard work has been done on the new platform for 100% digital Time Capture. A key improvement is the fact that the platform is designed to be system-independent. This allows hiring companies to be connected without requiring adjustments to their own systems or practices used. Hours tracked in an Excel sheet, for example, can be offered without modification or conversion. With a simple push of a button, these hours are imported into Timing's system. In addition, less work needs to be done on Timing's side to get a connection with a new company "up and running". A short training session is sufficient to be able to work properly with the system.

Digital deafening of CLA's

Another important improvement concerns the so-called "digital unraveling" of collective agreements, thanks to the Akyla system Xplican. When processing hours and payroll for temps , the applicable collective bargaining regulations in the industry in which a person is currently employed are used. In practice, this means that a collective bargaining agreement must be "unraveled" by the employment agency in advance. With each new company, all components that are important for payroll must be selected and included in the system so that overtime payments, etc. are calculated automatically. Linking registration systems together with unraveling collective bargaining agreements used to be a particularly labor-intensive process. It usually took several days of work per customer. The unraveling of collective bargaining agreements is now reduced to one day's work.

Drag & Drop editor

The new platform has been equipped by Akyla with a special drag and drop editor to easily select, drag and activate applicable collective agreement provisions within the system. This allows Timing to 'set up' all parts of a collective bargaining agreement that are important for the correct payroll and invoicing of temporary workers for a user company in one go. This means an enormous gain of time while the risk of errors is also significantly reduced for this component. Such a tool did not yet exist within the temporary employment industry. We are now working on upgrading the platform to make the process of setting up 'collective bargaining unraveling' even simpler by introducing reusable building blocks.

More convenience for temps

Finally, the platform also means convenience for temps. They no longer have to ensure themselves that their hours are also registered in Timing's system, but only enter them through the client's system.

Previously, the same hours were registered separately in two different systems (Timing's and the customer's) and the risk of double registration was much greater because the systems did not always communicate optimally with each other. Something that caused the intermediaries to have to check more and more carefully.

The big advantage for temps is that they can view their own time and payroll records at any time via the Timing portal or the Timing app.

The e-UUR and Xplican platform will be further rolled out to hiring companies in the coming months, as well as adding new functionalities.

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