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Take temps and hirers on fully digital and legally valid contracts.

Time Capture

The most comprehensive hours processing tool for the Staffing industry.

Time interpretation (Xplican)

Unravel hours in accordance with collective bargaining agreement automatically. Suitable for all collective agreements and hirer compensation.


Increase your redeployment rate with the Redeployment module.


Optimize the connection with your temps.

Workflow Automation

Build your own processes such as sick calls, leave requests or material issuance.

Fully compliant

Private environment for intermediaries

As a back office service provider, you work for multiple staffing agencies; the intermediaries. In our portal you give mediators their own environment (if desired in their own style), in which you determine which tools a mediator can use. Naturally, your intermediaries only see the data from their own temps and hirers. Also, your intermediaries only see their own digital files, hours, reservations and/or expense claims. 

Determine what tools mediator uses

Insight limited to data own temps and hirers

Environment in branding mediator

Simple and quick

Margin billing

All your margin in one report? That's the clearest way! With the margin invoicing module it is possible to automatically invoice your intermediaries. This way they see exactly how much they have earned and know what margin they are paid. 

Automatically calculated based on timesheets

Decide when to offer the margin invoice

Price agreements per intermediate possible

Onboarding fully customized

Contract generation and legal signature

With onboarding, you can enroll and contract temps completely digitally. From entering the name and address information to entering all the necessary contract details, such as start date and hourly wage. You can set up a specific onboarding for each hirer . 

You also generate documents digitally and have them signed digitally. Examples include employment contracts, loan agreements or payroll tax forms.

Digital file for temps and hirers

All documents available in one place

In the digital file, you process pay slips, invoices, identity documents and signed employment contracts, hiring agreements and loan agreements, among other things. You can also request agreement on specific documents and have them digitally signed.

The digital file can be found not only in the desktop version of our portal, but also in the Akyla app. This ensures that temps and hirers can access their data anytime, anywhere. 

Extensive timesheet processing

100% digital time processing

The Time Capture makes it possible to process hours easily, quickly and 100% digitally. This can be done in your own platform for flexwork, but of course also in the handy app that you, your temps and your hirers can download with the platform.

Our platform is easy to integrate with all payroll and back office packages for the staffing industry. This makes retyping handwritten timesheets a thing of the past.

Approving timesheets is also easy. hirers and temps can even approve timesheets from their mailbox.

As a back office service provider, everything revolves around the software we use. We have to get that right. With the Akyla platform, we save thousands of operations, saving about 6 to 7 FTEs.

Jeroen van Helden - Managing Partner
Suitable for all collective labour agreements

Automatically time interpretation according to collective labour agreement

Manually checking worked and written hours against collective bargaining regulations is a cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone job. Our time interpretation module (formerly: Xplican) automates the assignment of expense allowances and allowances to your temps.

All you have to do is to include the rules from the collective labour agreement and the user-specific agreements in a collective agreement profile. You set up such a profile once (and of course we can help you with that the first time). Once the profile is set up, this module automatically applies the CLA rules and thus the correct compensations and bonuses when registering working hours.

Workflow automation

Automate processes without limitations

Besides our modules for onboarding and time processing, you have many other processes within the midoffice that you want to optimize. Processes that run between you as a dispatcher or payroller and intermediaries, hirers, temps and/or candidates. Think of processes surrounding the handling of leave requests and sick reports or the provision of materials.

Every staffing agency is different and sets up processes in its own way. With workflow automation, you can independently, or with our help, automate all your business processes in the midoffice. 

The best features with customization capabilities

A platform you can build on


Modular design. User-friendly and intuitive. Self-sufficient.


Proven for high-volume processing.


Own branded interface. 3rd party integration and custom development.

27 languages

Show the environment in the language of your temp.


Our specialists will help you every step of the way

Migrating to a (new) application has an impact on your organization. We understand this like no other. With great care, we handle daily implementations. We support you step by step during the migration. 


Implementation consultant

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Years of experience in the staffing industry
Integration platform

Get the most out of all applications

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