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We don't want you to be dependent on one vendor. That's why you can link your portal to other software you already work with or would like to work with. Simply because it is the best fitting solution.

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By automating processes, you need to do less manual work. The result? Fewer mistakes are made. Guaranteed.

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The portal can also be accessed through your own app.

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Do you find the processing of hours according to hirer compensation and collective bargaining agreement difficult?

Manually assigning and checking the correct allowances and compensation according to hirer's remuneration and collective bargaining agreement is a difficult, time-consuming and error-prone job. Xplican makes this process much easier for you. Add Xplican to your platform and work even more efficiently.

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Easy to integrate

Back office packages, scheduling packages, billing software or business software. Whatever you use, you can link it to your flexible work platform. As a result, you are never dependent on a single vendor, while enjoying the benefits of a single point of contact.

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