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Strengthen the connection with client and candidate

Trusted by 250+ flex organizations

Sending emails part of the past

All communication through one channel

Automating processes is often an administrative matter. Being able to streamline all business processes in one portal also offers more opportunities for interaction with temps and customers. For example, do you still often send separate emails? This is no longer necessary if you use Akyla as the mid-office platform for your flex company. 

Send personalized messages to users

Customize welcome texts

Take notes

Share important information in the right place

Display relevant information in the dashboard

The dashboard consists of different tiles on which you can put information. For example, tiles to register hours or give an approval. But it is also possible to create tiles to quickly provide the temp with the right information. 

Create your own tiles in the dashboard

Determine tile priority

Link to external pages

Personal dashboard

Create more interaction

The portal is where you can interact with your temps. For example, do you want to know what they think of your services? Start a survey. Or show in a timer when the next placement is. You can offer this in different languages. 

Conduct customer research with a survey

Count down to next placement with a timer

Offer additional information in a digital 'book'

The best features with customization capabilities

A platform you can build on


Modular design. User-friendly and intuitive. Self-sufficient.


Proven for high-volume processing.


Own branded interface and 3rd party integration.

27 languages

Show the environment in the language of your temp.

Serve more customers with the same people

Proven Features for Engagement

For more than 20 years we have been working on the midoffice platform for the staffing industry. These features were developed in cooperation with our customers and thus represent the greatest needs for automation in staffing agencies. 

Prioritize dashboard tiles
Links to relevant sites
Show data from external applications
Share news items
Add tiles to dashboard
External links
Making books
Timers and counters
Welcome Messages
Send messages
Memories signing
Notification expiration date document
Status check documents
Own email texts

Because of the self-reliance you have with the platform, we can provide customization for each client. That's exactly what we want. Wanting to deliver customization has been in our company's DNA for 27 years. The fact that we can now live up to this with our portal is great!

Nick Bos - Sales Director


timesheets needed


hours processed per FTE


turnover with the same people


Increase in productivity


Our specialists will help you every step of the way

Migrating to a (new) application has an impact on your organization. We understand this like no other. With great care, we handle daily implementations. We support you step by step during the migration. 


Implementation consultant

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Years of experience in the staffing industry
Integration platform

Get the most out of all applications

Back office packages, scheduling packages, billing software or business software. Whatever you use, you can link it to your flexible work platform. As a result, you are never dependent on a single vendor, while enjoying the benefits of a single point of contact.

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Since January we have merged with our parent company Textkernel. On this website you can still find relevant information about our mid-office platform.