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CASE - Consolid

4X more revenue with the same people

Biggest challenge:
Interpret hirers timesheets faster and without errors

How Consolid has been making efficiency gains for more than 10 years with Akyla

Consolid is the staffing and training provider in transportation, logistics and mobility.
It is 2013 when Consolid comes to us for the first time. Initially for importing timesheets, Consolid is now using Akyla as a full-fledged portal: Time Capture, interpretation and onboarding of new temps. The place where both temp and hirer can find all information and documents.

Read 2500 timesheets on a weekly basis

Consolid started using our timesheet import tool in 2013 to process timesheets from hirers. At the time, they were still using a home-grown system that involved a lot of duplication and manual work, which hindered the organization's growth. They started by importing 55 timesheets weekly, but soon scaled up. Today, they read about 2,500 timesheets weekly through our portal.

Implementation of time interpretation accelerates growth

But the very biggest time savings they achieve by using Time Interpretration. Reder: "With the TLN collective labor agreement, we were able to make the biggest gains in a short period of time. Moreover, TLN is one of the most extensive and therefore also most difficult CLA, because it has many separate surcharges and specific allowances. This saves us a lot of time. We can now turn 4 times as much turnover with the same people in our back office."

All data accessible through one portal 'My Consolid'

They will take the most important step in 2019 when they move to a new back office system, AFAS. "We wanted to move toward having all data accessible to everyone through one portal. They get one login and that's where everything happens. Our temps experience that as very positive." The link to AFAS allows temps to see their pay slips and payouts and request leave, for example.

About Consolid

Consolid is the secondment and training provider in transport, logistics and mobility. They are the strategic partner when it comes to sustainable employability, vitality and mobility. With Consolid, companies and institutions always have flexible workers at their disposal. The staffing organization offers support in work supply and capacity, with its own digital tools and software. The Consolid Academy trains temps and permanent employees of clients, or educates them with industry-recognized courses. In addition, Consolid supports clients with social ambitions and obligations, such as CSR and SROI. The approximately 200 employees of the temporary employment company ensure that everything is well organized for the nearly 7,000 temps and the clients for whom they work. Consolid has five branches throughout the country and the head office is located in Hoofddorp.

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