Time Capture

100% digital time processing

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Processing and approving timesheets

The Time Capture makes it possible to process hours easily, quickly and 100% digitally. This can be done in your own platform for staffing, but of course also in the app that you, your temps and your hirers can download from the platform.

Our platform is easy to connect with all payroll and back office packages for the staffing industry. This makes retyping handwritten time sheets a thing of the past.

Approving timesheets is also easy. Hirers and temps can even approve timesheets from their mailbox.

Meet customer needs

Customized process per hirer

One of the most appreciated features with the platform is that you can easily meet the needs of your hirers. This is because you can customize the process for each hirer. That flexibility gives you a competive advantage.


Processing timesheets via app

With the app, your temps can easily register working hours online and view and sign timesheets, pay slips and other documents. It is also possible to claim expenses.

In your own branding

Taking and uploading photos

Push notifications

Fully compliant

Automatic time interpretation

Want to reduce the error rate during processing hours? Akyla offers plenty of options for this. In fact, the platform for staffing agencies goes beyond Time Capture. For example, you can also interpretate all timesheets automatically according to collective labour agreements and hirer pay. 

Timesheet import function

Import all timesheets and expenses at the touch of a button

The timesheet import tool makes it possible to import all timesheets and expenses from, for example, Excel or CSV files into our platform with the click of a button, regardless of the format of the file.

This allows you to quickly process timesheets and/or expenses without retyping. This ensures that your error margin is greatly reduced and you no longer have to make corrections afterwards.

Fully compliant

Get a grip on your processes with reports

The extensive reports give you constant insight into the number of hours worked by all your temps, outstanding or late hours, approved and rejected timesheets, rates and leave and sick hours, among other things.

You can customize your reports precisely by using different filters and saving those filters. This way you always have quick insight into the information you need. You can filter by project, rate, hour type, cost center, department, temp, hirer and period.

The best features with customization capabilities

A platform you can build on


Modular design. User-friendly and intuitive. Self-sufficient.


Proven for high-volume processing.


Own branded interface. 3rd party integration and custom development.

27 languages

Show the environment in the language of your temp.

Serve more customers with the same people

Proven features for Time Capture

For more than 20 years we have been working on the midoffice platform for the staffing industry. These features were developed in cooperation with our customers and thus represent the greatest needs for automation in staffing agencies. 

Configuration future / past
Controlled year transitions
Attachments (travel cost justification).
Accreditation by wage component
Timesheet reports
Controlled year transitions
Travel expense calculator
Extend / terminate placements
Holiday notification
Grouped time sheets
Automatically pre-populated hours
Approve timesheets by mail
Phase Count
Entering claims
Time interpretation
Expense reports
Timesheet import tool

As a back office service provider, everything revolves around the software we use. We have to get that right. With the Akyla platform, we save thousands of operations, saving about 6 to 7 FTEs.

Jeroen van Helden - Managing Partner


more hours processed per FTE


faster deployment


serve more students


save on time processing


Our specialists will help you every step of the way

Migrating to a (new) application has an impact on your organization. We understand this like no other. With great care, we handle daily implementations. We support you step by step during the migration. 


Implementation consultant

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Integration platform

Get the most out of all applications

Back office packages, scheduling packages, billing software or business software. Whatever you use, you can link it to your flexible work platform. As a result, you are never dependent on a single vendor, while enjoying the benefits of a single point of contact.

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