Important news! Since January we have been merged with our parent company Textkernel

Textkernel brings five companies together under one new brand

Amsterdam, Netherlands - December 14, 2023

Textkernel, a leader in AI-driven solutions for staffing, recruitment and HR technology, is proud to announce a major milestone in its journey. Following the strategic acquisitions of Sovren, Akyla, Wiseguys and Joboti, Textkernel unveils an integrated, unified brand. 

The move underscores the company's commitment to helping clients modernize HR technology, better connect people and jobs, and reflects the company's maturity and growth. The announcement marks the culmination of integrating solutions and teams from the acquired companies.

Evolution and unification of the brand

Gerard Mulder, CEO of Textkernel, said, "The evolution within our brands and continued growth have led us to a unified brand that reflects our maturity and purpose." Founded in 2001 and overseen by Main Capital since 2020, Textkernel is renewing its brand to reflect its mission: to build AI-driven technology that gives meaning to textual data and better connects people and jobs.

Promise of achievement and growth

The newly unveiled logo is more than a design; it encompasses a promise of achievement, growth and a balance between credibility and innovation. The sail-inspired design symbolizes integration into ecosystems, forward motion and the multiplier effect Textkernel delivers to its customers. The stylized "X" symbolizes the balance between our reason for being-connecting people and jobs-and our means to achieve this-technology, AI and data.

Better together: achieving more

The merger unites Sovren, Akyla, Wiseguys, Joboti and Textkernel under one brand-Textkernel. Beyond individual entities or solutions, the unified brand represents the limitless potential through a harmonious blend of people, expertise and innovation. Together, we are undoubtedly better.

Minimal impact, maximum potential

For customers, clients, employees and stakeholders, this rebranding will have minimal impact. The transition to a cohesive entity has been underway for the past two years, marking the final steps in establishing a unified Textkernel.

Official launch: December 14, 2023

Join us as we officially launch the new brand on December 14, 2023. Together, let's embark on a journey where technology and purpose come together. Together, we achieve more as one unified force: Textkernel.

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