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CASE - AB Midden Nederland

Save 2FTE on time processing of over 1,300 temp workers

Biggest challenge:
Reduce multiple systems to one portal

Ensuring quality and preparing for growth

For those looking for work in the technical, agricultural or landscaping sectors, a world opens up at temporary employment agency AB Midden Nederland. In addition to temporary work and seasonal jobs, this agency also offers permanent jobs that employ temps . There are also regularly new internal vacancies at AB Midden Nederland itself. Skilled worker, specialist, zzp'er, temp or professional: AB has something to offer. The company has been working with Akyla at five branches since early 2020. And that delivers a lot. The most important result: a saving of two FTEs on the time processing of over 1,300 temporary workers.

AB Midden Nederland, flex partner of Midden Nederland

"AB Midden Nederland was originally primarily active in the agricultural sector," explains ICT manager and application manager Jan van 't Ende. "Meanwhile, we also deploy our cooperative approach for the engineering, construction & infrastructure, logistics & warehouse, green and food & production sectors. We work on average with about 1,300 temps, with a peak to about 1,800 in the high season. In addition, about 250 farm relief workers work through us at agricultural companies throughout the Netherlands. They take over work from entrepreneurs who are no longer able to run a (whole) business themselves due to sudden illness, for example."

Growing further thanks to the arrival of e-UUR

"Digitizing is a good way for us to ensure quality and get ready for further growth in the future," Van 't Ende continues. "That growth is certainly possible with e-UUR. We did not even hesitate: this is the portal that will take us further - and that without having to expand our team any further. In e-UUR we can efficiently handle the administrative matters for temporary workers, company caretakers, clients, intermediaries and ourselves. Because of this efficiency, we can do more with the same people."

Saving time with automatic collective bargaining unraveling

"e-UUR also immediately matched our requirements seamlessly," Van 't Ende says. "For example, the automatic unraveling of collective bargaining agreements appealed to us, because previously we did this unraveling manually with Excel - óntremely time-consuming. With the collective bargaining unraveler from Akyla (Xplican) we have a tool that unravels hours fully automatically. We save a lot of time and see immediately what we are up to - and so do our customers. Naturally, we got excited about that right away."

Language support with an 'AB sauce'

"The language support offered by e-UUR was also an important reason for choosing Akyla," Van 't Ende continues. "About eighty percent of our temporary workers come from Poland, and in addition we have people from other (mainly Eastern Bloc) countries working for us. Contracts, documents, what do I say: the entire portal... Every temp sees e-UUR in his or her own language. We can also change translations ourselves and thus bring out our own identity, to make it as relevant and clear as possible for temporary workers. This ensures that we offer quality to both clients and temporary workers. We can share news, but also explain our working methods and documents. In this way we comply directly with the ABU requirement that you must help employees in their own language."

Everything centralized in one portal

Before Akyla, AB Midden Nederland worked with a system containing different environments for temporary workers, employees, customers and intermediaries. Another reason to choose Akyla, because now everything is centralized in one portal. Van 't Ende: "Everyone logs into the same environment and only sees what is relevant to them. This is also very nice for us internally, because it ensures that everyone works in the same way. No specific knowledge of different systems is needed anymore -there is uniformity, and that makes it much simpler. Also, work is now easier to transfer and colleagues can assist each other if necessary. The agency administration could possibly also do the administration of the business care, because they are already working with the same system. That's a win."

Hard win: two FTE savings

But that is not yet the biggest gain. That is in the time savings: two data entry employees (so: two FTEs!) have moved on to other work within our organization. "This is due to two things: we now work with the automatic collective bargaining unraveler Xplican and we no longer have to manually transcribe data from our intermediaries. Intermediaries can offer temporary workers contracts directly via e-UUR and have them signed. All the correct data of those temporary workers are then directly in the portal, where previously they were entered manually by our data entry staff. The only thing left to do at our office is a final check. If everything is correct, the data of the temporary worker are automatically imported into AFAS and into our planning program. This allows us to do more internally with the same number of people."

Gains for the corporate care branch: collective bargaining unraveling and Time Capture app

As for the AB Midden branch of business care, development is still in progress. "Currently, Akyla is busy connecting this business unit. The collective bargaining unraveler is still being set up for this, and expectations for this in particular are high. Now three people are handling the time processing for this - mostly manually. We expect that as soon as the collective bargaining unraveler is running smoothly, we will be able to save a lot of time here, too. Because when errors are reduced, a lot of time and space is created to focus on other things. This way we will be even more efficient and we will be able to work on new projects."

Entering hours via their phone

What is already making a difference for the farm care branch is the e-UUR app. "Our farm managers have been asking for it for years. Entering hours on a phone is quick and easy, and they always have the app with them. And thanks to the app, they always have other documents, such as their pay slip, to hand. For company caretakers, therefore, the app is worth a lot - and so it is for us too."

"Also the cooperation with Akyla as an organization is pleasant"

So Van 't Ende is very happy with the choice of e-UUR for several reasons. "And the cooperation with Akyla is also very pleasant. The implementation went smoothly. If we had any questions, the people at Akyla were always helpful and informed about our situation. This is still the case today, by the way. What I also like is that I am helped immediately when I call - I don't have to shoot a ticket first. And what I appreciate about Akyla is the honesty. I'd rather hear "it can't be done" or "it can be done, but it'll be custom-made" than be beaten around the bush. I like that, because that way I always know where I stand. So all in all, I can recommend e-UUR and Akyla to every temp agency (and AB organization)."

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