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AFAS' integrated ERP solution gives you a grip on all back-office processes, giving you both insight and foresight. By linking Afas to e-UUR , your customer, your employee and your organization work together online in one package. Together with e-UUR , AFAS will help you streamline the administrative process from placement request to invoice within one software solution by means of workflows.

Akyla e-UUR has a certified integration with AFAS Profit. The integration makes duplicate or manual entries a thing of the past. The link is in fact capable of exchanging all data required for your temp or payroll administration between Profit and flexportal e-UUR . This includes: hirers, temps, placements, payslips, invoices, timesheets, registrations and documents.

About AFAS Software
AFAS Software inspires better business. The Dutch family business has been developing innovative software products for more than 20 years and gladly takes its social responsibility. Thanks to the flexibility of the software, which can be fully tailored to industry-specific situations, AFAS automates companies and organizations in all industries. This gives customers complete insight into all business processes and gives them the ability to move with the market.

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Experience Consolid with e-UUR & Afas
Marco Reder: "We have been working with eUUR and its link with our back office package to our full satisfaction for years. As of January 2020, our back office package is Afas. Naturally, we also linked directly to this. Akyla has guided us excellently during the implementation and also after the switch we regularly experience very good support in the optimization of processes. A real party that thinks along with the customer."

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