Important news! Since January we have been merged with our parent company Textkernel


New! Automatically send messages via WhatsApp from mid-office platform

Together we are stronger! As of January, we are joining forces with Textkernel, Joboti, Wiseguys and Sovren to continue as one company. This gives flex companies even more opportunities to connect people and jobs.

So we are extremely proud of the first "better together" functionality: Joboti's WhatsApp integration is now available in our Midoffice platform!

Numerous administrative processes take place in the Midoffice where coordination with various stakeholders, such as flex workers, hirers and/or intermediaries, is crucial. To speed up these processes, we offer the possibility to also use messaging via WhatsApp (Joboti). 

Why WhatsApp integration?

With WhatsApp integration, our customers have an additional option to send notifications. Sending notifications also via WhatsApp increases the chances of messages being read and responded to faster.

Speed up processes with automatic notifications

From our portal, you can already use notifications via email, push notifications in the app and SMS. Thanks to the integration, our customers can now also send notifications via WhatsApp to flex workers or hirers through our portal. Some examples for which the integration can be used:

  • Start or complete onboarding:
    Automatically send a notification when an onboarding is ready or not yet completed.
  • Document signing:
    Inform via WhatsApp that a document or contract is ready for signature.
  • Timesheets:
    Send a reminder when a flex worker needs to fill out a timesheet, or remind them if they haven't yet.

As with other communication channels within our platform, users can control the content and tone of voice of notifications.

Shared Smart Inbox

With Joboti, you can respond quickly and appropriately from a shared Smart Inbox if a flex worker sends back a message or question in response to the reminder. Moreover, even if someone is sick or on leave, you always retain insight into conversations with the flexworker. The Smart Inbox is easily accessible via your e-UUR environment, usable without a phone and fully AVG-proof.

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Since January, we have merged with our parent company Textkernel. Our website will transition to Textkernel website at the end of April 2024. Until this time you can still find relevant information about our mid-office platform.