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e-UUR login and information

e-UUR is the midoffice platform for the flex industry. The platform offers staffing agencies and payrollers a portal on which their temps logs in and can register their hours and/or view documents. 

Are you temp and looking for information about e-UUR? Ask your employer!

Want to check your hours, submit a claim or request your vacation, but don't know how this works in e-UUR? Or are you looking for the login page of e-UUR? Please contact your employer.

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What is e-UUR?

e-UUR is an online platform that allows staffing agencies and payrollers to easily and efficiently automate onboarding, Time Capture, hours unraveling and other mid-office processes.

e-UUR allows users to easily track their hours worked and link them to hirers. e-UUR has links to back office systems. This ensures proper payroll temps and invoicing to clients. 

The platform is designed with ease of use and automation in mind. By using e-UUR , staffing agencies can reduce their administrative tasks and focus more on their core business. The platform is suitable for large and small flex companies. 

With e-UUR , users can streamline their business processes, save time and increase productivity. The platform also offers excellent support and service, so users can always be helped with questions or problems. 

What do you arrange in e-UUR?


Take temps and hirers fully digital and legal on contract.

Time Capture

Time Capture via portal and app. Or import hours from a file.

Time interpretation (Xplican)

Unravel hours in accordance with collective bargaining agreement automatically. Suitable for all collective agreements and hirer compensation.

Workflow Automation

Build your own processes such as sick calls, leave requests or material issuance.


Improve customer experience and strengthen connection with temps.


Increase your redeployment rate with the Redeployment module.

e-UUR: More than 20 years in the staffing industry

e-UUR has been the platform for flex companies for more than 20 years. e-UUR started as a hours portal in which temps can register hours. Over the years, e-UUR has expanded into a full midoffice platform in which you arrange everything after the match. The onboarding of employees, the generation and digital signing of contracts to Time Capture and CAO unraveling so you can calculate the correct allowances. e-UUR has been a reliable platform for over 250+ flex companies for 20 years. 

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Advantages e-UUR

For staffing companies, e-UUR can be of particular interest because the platform is designed specifically to meet the specific needs of these companies. For example, e-UUR offers features for managing temporary workers, tracking hours worked and preparing invoices for clients. Here are some reasons why staffing companies should consider e-UUR :

In short, e-UUR offers staffing companies an efficient and automated solution for managing the Time Capture and billing of temporary workers. By using e-UUR , staffing companies can streamline their business processes and focus on providing high-quality services to their clients.

  1. Efficiency: e-UUR allows staffing companies to efficiently and automatically manage the Time Capture of temporary workers. This saves time and speeds up administration.

  2. Accuracy: e-UUR provides an advanced system for Time Capture, which allows staffing companies to accurately track and record the hours worked by temps. This ensures reliable billing (e-UUR is integrated with back office software) and prevents disputes over incorrect invoices.

  3. Flexibility: the platform offers staffing agencies great flexibility for automating and configuring different workflows

  4. Customer satisfaction: by optimizing all midoffice processes you ensure a good customer experience. 

The best features with customization capabilities

A platform you can build on


Modular design. User-friendly and intuitive. Self-sufficient.


Proven for high-volume processing.


Own branded interface and 3rd party integration.

27 languages

Show the environment in the language of your temp.

Integration platform

Get the most out of all applications

Back office packages, scheduling packages, billing software or business software. Whatever you use, you can link it to your flexible work platform. As a result, you are never dependent on a single vendor, while enjoying the benefits of a single point of contact.

Save more time?

Take the next step in automation.

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