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The time registration of e-UUR makes it possible to process hours easily, quickly and 100% digitally. This can be done in your own platform for flex work, e-UUR, but of course also in the handy app that you, your flex workers and your hirers can download from the platform.

Would you like to hear even more advantages of digital timesheets? Because the platform is easily linked to all payroll and back-office packages for the flex industry, retyping handwritten time sheets is a thing of the past. It is also very easy to approve timesheets in e-UUR . Hirers and flex workers can even approve timesheets from their mailbox.

We saved one of the most important advantages until last: with the platform you can easily meet the needs of your hirers. You can set up a customized process for each hirer. That flexibility gives you an edge over your competitors.

e-UUR dashboard
Manual operations are a thing of the past

Record hours worked efficiently

With e-UUR , hours worked are recorded efficiently. Manual operations are a thing of the past. By digitizing your time registration with e-UUR , you save time and make fewer mistakes.

The import tool in e-UUR also provides efficiency. With this tool, you can import hours automatically, with just a push of a button. The timesheets are then created automatically and all you have to do is approve them or have them approved.

In order to optimize the process, the digital time registration in the platform works with notifications, both when a timesheet has to be completed and when a timesheet is ready for approval. When a timesheet is not submitted on time, a reminder is sent. Of course, all notifications are sent automatically. You no longer have to follow up on anything.

claiming with the e-hour app

Reduce error sensitivity

If you want to reduce the risk of error during the processing of hours, e-UUR offers plenty of opportunities to do so. In fact, the platform for flex work goes further than just recording hours. For example, you can also automatically unravel all timesheets according to collective agreements and hirer pay. Manual unraveling? You no longer have to free up time for that. Nice and easy.

e-UUR time registration software

Curious about the possibilities of having your own platform?

Take the tour and discover all the features in platform for flex work e-UUR or download the white paper and find out what e-UUR can bring to your organization.

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