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Time interpretation

Xplican: Unravel timesheets according to CLA

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Manually checking timesheets against collective labour agreements is a cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone task. Our time interpretation solution Xplican automates the allocation of expense allowances to your temps.

All you have to do is to include the rules from the collective labour agreement and the user-specific agreements in a collective agreement profile. You set up such a profile once (and of course we can help you with that the first time). Once the profile is set up, this module automatically applies the CLA rules and thus the correct compensations and bonuses when registering working hours.

Different collective labour profiles

Xplican Is suitable for all collective bargaining agreements or hirer-specific agreements

With Akyla, you always have the right collective bargaining agreement in place at every hirer . All you have to do is set up a one-off collective labor agreement profile for each hirer that includes the hirer-specific agreements. It is also possible to set up multiple collective agreements per hirer . You can set this up independently, without any knowledge of code, or our consultants will support you.

This way, you can always fulfill hirer-specific agreements, even when a colleague with extensive knowledge of (the collective labour agreement of) a particular hirer is on vacation.

The best features with customization capabilities

A platform you can build on


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Own branded interface and 3rd party integration.

27 languages

Show the environment in the language of your temp.

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Proven features Xplican

For more than 20 years we have been working on the midoffice platform for the staffing industry. These features were developed in cooperation with our customers and thus represent the greatest needs for automation in staffing agencies. 

Creating profile versions
Processing travel expenses
One-day or multi-day trips
Sick hours processing
Processing time by time
Holiday processing
Handle sleep services
Processing overtime
Allowance processing
Accreditation by wage component
Phase Count

With the TLN collective bargaining agreement, we were able to get the biggest bang for our buck in a short time. This saves us a lot of time. We can now do 4 times more turnover with the same people in our back office.

Marco Reder - IT Manager


hours processed per FTE


faster deployment


Increase in productivity


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Migrating to a (new) application has an impact on your organization. We understand this like no other. With great care, we handle daily implementations. We support you step by step during the migration. 


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