Easy, fast and effective online recruiting and selection

Increase your productivity

When you start automated recruitment today, you will immediately spend less time on administrative tasks. You can do more with the same team.

More control over your processes

Online recruiting and selection gives you complete control over the different roles. You decide who can do what in the software. This automatically gives you more control over your processes....

Search & Match

Thanks to handy features, you can easily create vacancies, post them on your own job board and send them to job boards. Matching a candidate to the vacancy? That's easy after that.


Opt for automated recruitment and selection

There are a number of useful features built into the recruitment software. How about resume parsing, automatic notifications and a link to onboarding? The recruitment and selection module in platform for flex work e-UUR thus takes away all the administrative hassle surrounding recruitment and selection for you. You have more time for making the right match. Exactly as you want.

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Always find the right candidate


To make recruiting really easy, the recruitment and selection software helps you create and set up all your vacancies. Of course you want to make these vacancies available to candidates as quickly as possible. e-UUR links to external job websites so that you can put new vacancies online with the click of a button. Of course, you can also post the vacancies directly on your own job board - completely in your own branding.

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Easily make the right match


Your work doesn't stop at recruiting new candidates. That's why recruitment software also allows you to automate the selection process - including appointing the right candidate. You decide who does what in assigning the various roles. Keeping a grip is what it's all about. And of course you can make use of many handy features, such as matching based on requested competencies.

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