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Automated processing of appropriate surcharges and reimbursements


Manually checking worked and written hours against collective bargaining regulations is a difficult, time-consuming and error-prone job. Online collective bargaining unraveler Xplican automates the allocation of expense allowances and allowances to your flex workers.

All you have to do is to record the rules from the collective agreement and the user-specific agreements in a collective agreement profile. You set up such a CAO profile once (and of course we can help you with that the first time). Once the collective labor agreement profile is set up, Xplican automatically applies the collective labor agreement rules and thus the correct compensations and bonuses when registering hours worked.

Quotes from satisfied customers:

"Akyla's collective bargaining unraveler allows us to support the hirer's collective bargaining agreement flawlessly and fully automated. Akyla has proven to be a reliable partner in this, with a lot of expertise"

Kees van Laarhoven
Finance Director of Consolid
"Thanks to Xplican , we are much more compliant, so our flex workers always get paid what they are entitled to."

Danielle Lambo
Transformation Director at Adecco Netherlands

Xplican collective bargaining unraveler

You save time
Manually checking all timesheets for CAO regulations is a cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone job. Xplican allows you as a temp or payroller to perform this work much faster and easier.

You increase the quality of your services
In addition to saving time, CAO unraveling Xplican also increases the quality of your service. Mistakes that might still be made because of manual work are now a thing of the past. You always comply with collective bargaining agreements correctly.

You comply with hirer-specific agreements
With Xplican you will always have the correct collective agreement for every hirer. All you have to do is set up a one-off collective labor agreement profile for each user company that includes the user company-specific agreements. And rest assured: 1) that is very easy and 2) of course we will help you with that the first time. With Xplican you will always comply with agreements made with hirers: even when a colleague with extensive knowledge of (the collective labor agreement of) a particular hirer is on vacation.

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Thanks to e-UUR & Xplican , we have fewer corrections, more certainty
and we are much more compliant.

Debby Smits - Business Architect

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