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Flex organizations make a difference by being able to focus on what really matters to them, so they can better serve their clients and flex workers. To do this, they look for specialized software partners with knowledge of their industry. Partners who think along with them and offer solutions for challenges that already exist or are yet to come.

Akyla, with e-UUR and Xplican, offers the answer
to this need. We have the expertise and experience to deliver the best results.

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The foundation that helps you make a difference:

  • Automate time-consuming processes in the midoffice
  • Completely in your branding
  • Link with your existing applications
  • Fast and personal service
  • More control over all your processes
  • Faster processing of data
  • Work more efficiently, saving you time
  • Boost the growth of your business
Customer-specific onboarding

Digitally generate contracts and have them digitally signed

Are mistakes often made when onboarding new flex workers and does your organization therefore risk fines from the NEN/SNCU or Tax Office? Are flex workers still regularly going to work without a signed contract? Do you get complaints from hirers or flex workers because the onboarding process takes so long? Or do you already automate the onboarding process, but feel it could be even better?

Automate the onboarding of your flex workers and hires with e-UUR. With e-UUR you can set up onboarding for every client. From requesting the name and address details to generating a contract and having it signed: it all happens online, in your own platform.

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Time Capture software

Record and approve all hours worked, completely digitally

Via the app or the portal, processing hours, approving and applying the correct allowances and benefits has never been easier. Completely digital and with notifications, very convenient! That way you also comply directly with all laws and regulations.

"We can't think of anything crazy or the CLA unraveler can handle it. Legislation, exceptions, customer-specific agreements: everything is adjustable and that's a big plus." 

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Working with e-UUR
Optimal customer experience

App for Time Capture and more

You would like to create the optimal customer experience. With the e-UUR app, flex workers, hirers and intermediaries can easily do all their administrative work. Whether it's entering hours, expenses or reservations or signing a contract: it's all possible in your app.

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Digital file & digital signing

One place for all your documents, such as employment contracts, paychecks and more

All documents for flex workers, clients and your own employees, easily in one digital place.

  • All documents in one location
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Understanding who has access to which records
  • Complete control over all these documents
  • No more follow-up calls or reminders
  • Full legal digital signing

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Consolid has been making efficiency gains for 10+ years with e-UUR

4x more revenue with the same people

"We wanted to get to the point where everyone could access all the data through one portal. They get one login and that's where everything happens. Our flex workers experience that as very positive."

Marco Reder - IT manager consolidation

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