Easily process your hours digitally. For start-up organizations.


A flexible platform. For small to medium-sized organizations.


Your own customized platform. Suitable for enterprise level organizations.

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Feature comparison

e-UUR easily grows with you, below you can see which
features available within each package.


Hours registration

e-UUR App


Platform base in own branding

Service desk on weekdays

Service via e-mail

Service by phone

Back office linkage (additional cost)

Recruitment & Selection

Flex workers onboarding (such as taking them on contract)

Onboarding borrowers (such as taking them on contract)

Importing hours

Digital signing

Digital file

Multilingualism (27 languages available)

Reservations / leave registration

Expense reports

Tools for Back Office Service Providers

Mediator/Intermediary environments.

Per hirer's own branding

Margin billing towards intermediaries

ADFS linkage

Process Architect

Custom Interface (complete your own branding)

Own App, completely in your own branding

Content Management System

Tags: Within one administration multiple house styles

Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

Xplican (surcharge)





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