Akyla acquisition by Textkernel FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Akyla is proud to announce that it has been acquired by Textkernel, an international leader in AI-driven solutions for parsing, data enrichment and matching people and jobs.

Textkernel B.V. is a Dutch software company founded in 2001 and led by Gerard Mulder and Guus Meijer, based in Amsterdam.

In today's tight labor market, one of the biggest challenges for staffing agencies is attracting and retaining talent. Textkernel focuses on attracting and recruiting this talent better!

The acquisition of Akyla will allow Textkernel to expand their staffing solutions so they can deliver more value to their customers after the recruitment phase. As a combined company, Akyla and Textkernel will be able to offer solutions that better remove obstacles in recruiting, onboarding, time management and employee retention, and more effectively help redeploy talent.

By integrating Akyla into Textkernel's operations, they can help us with faster international expansion and offering their technology in multiple languages to our customers. On the other hand, access to more comprehensive labor market data will support our combined future product development journey.

The existing synergies between the companies were obvious and we are both focused on accuracy, reliability and innovation. In addition, we have joint relationships with other software vendors, and the way we work and how we market products are very similar.

Textkernel works globally with HR and staffing organizations to bring the latest in Artificial Intelligence to your fingertips.

Combining the companies allows us to reach our growth potential faster. Together, we can combine our areas of expertise to better meet the growing needs of our customers and have better access to broad labor data and insights. This will enable us to grow faster and invest even more in our products and services.

Employment agencies are looking for automated and integrated solutions to be successful in the tight labor market. Customers with both Textkernel and Akyla solutions benefit from an integrated solution that combines the best of both worlds with deeper labor market insights and a combined product offering.

Customers with only Akyla solutions can look forward to a broader range of solutions from Akyla, starting with Textkernel solutions that integrate seamlessly with Akyla solutions and expanding to our full best-in-class solution offerings.

The acquisition also allows us to better support our international customers or customers with international ambitions, while ensuring product improvements and a combined product pipeline.

Additionally, with the combined solution, we will be able to help them automate the redeployment process by pulling candidate data from back office data sources to ensure higher quality service to their end clients and employees, faster and better placements, higher redeployment rates and lower sourcing costs.

No! Akyla will operate as an operational unit within the Textkernel group for the foreseeable future. Akyla customers will still be served by existing Akyla contacts and we will add highly qualified people to ensure that Akyla and Textkernel customers can continue to expect the best possible service.

Yes, all Akyla employees, including managers and the founders, will remain with the company.

Textkernel has reviewed Akyla's security policies and concluded that their security is of a good standard. Textkernel will support Akyla with the ISO27001 certification and will further improve its IT security standards.

Contact your account manager, who will be happy to support you in purchasing Akyla or Textkernel solutions.

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager, the marketing department or customer service through the usual channels.