Onboarding the way you want it

Online data retrieval, signing and document storage

Are mistakes often made when onboarding new flex workers and does your organization therefore risk fines from the NEN/SNCU or Tax Office? Are flex workers still regularly going to work without a signed contract? Do you get complaints from consultants or employees because the onboarding of flex workers is boring and even mind-numbing work? Or do you get complaints from hirers or flex workers because the onboarding process takes so long? Then know that it can be done differently.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • In the cloud, so accessible from anywhere
  • All your documents in one system
  • Faster and simpler onboarding
  • Save your recruiters hours of time
  • Caol wage link, directly visible the gross hourly wage

Reduce the complexity of onboarding

Onboarding new flex workers and hirers quickly and easily: that is what every temp and payroll company wants. Onboarding is an important, but unfortunately often time-consuming task for every temporary or payroll agency.

The onboarding module in e-UUR helps you with this. Processes can be customized for each client. This allows you to take on your flex workers and hirers completely digitally. From requesting the name and address details to generating a contract and having it signed: it all happens online, in your own platform. This leaves you and your colleagues time for more fun activities, such as binding and engaging flex workers.

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All documents securely stored online

In onboarding, the digital file plays an important role. From the onboarding, you generate employment contracts digitally and have them signed digitally. You request specific agreements on documents, such as the payroll tax form. You can keep an eye on whether all required documents have already been signed, but also which ones are about to expire. And you can view, manage and share documents with flex workers or hirers. Employment contracts, wage tax forms, loan agreements and hiring agreements: you can find all this (and more) in the digital file.

Curious about the possibilities of e-UUR?

Download the white paper and you'll see exactly what you can do with e-UUR , what e-UUR looks like and all the functionalities e-UUR has to offer.

An innovative experience for new flex workers

Taking flex workers on contract through an app

Flex workers and hirers can enter their data on both computer and mobile devices. This allows them to submit the correct data on the go immediately. From entering name and address details to providing a copy of ID proof and to which e-UUR performs the ID check.

The convenient app allows flex workers and hirers to access their data anytime, anywhere. The digital file is also available in this comprehensive app. For example, flex workers find their employment contract in the app, and can digitally sign it here. That saves time, because what flex worker doesn't always have his or her smartphone handy these days?

e-hour app
easy signing

The digital signature in the digital file

To sign flex workers' contracts, the onboarding module uses a unique digital signature. Good to know: all other necessary documents (think of the payroll tax form or a loan agreement) can also be digitally signed with this signature. The signature is, of course, fully legal. You are therefore assured that the signature is always accepted.

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link your back office

Easy to integrate

Do you happen to use software in which you process contracts, for example? Our platform for flex work links up with many different packages, so that you can take on flex workers and hirers on contract digitally and automatically. Now that's efficient.

What the onboarding module gives you as a dispatcher or payroller

We like to list the main benefits of the onboarding module for you. Use them to your advantage!

  • You control your processes: you decide when to ask what and to whom.
  • You spend less time onboarding flex workers and hires.
  • Significantly fewer mistakes are made during onboarding.
  • Flex worker hired? He or she can start immediately the next day. With a signed contract in his or her pocket.
  • Contracts are immediately digitized and stored digitally.
  • You are much more compliant.

Start digital onboarding today

Do you also want to hire flex workers and hirers faster and easier? Then start today with digital onboarding in e-UUR. Requesting a free online demo is your first step. Of course, you can also contact us.

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