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Akyla accelerates onboarding temps with Rabobank and Signicat

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Onboarding a new employee involves a lot, from identifying the person to collecting additional information and signing documents. Such a process quickly takes 30 minutes. "With the solution we developed together with Rabobank and Signicat, a complete onboarding is done within five minutes," said Martin Schievink, CEO of Akyla.

Akyla offers staffing, payroll and secondment organizations a mid-office platform for independently streamlining and automating key business processes. Flex workers can use the portal or the app to easily register hours worked and view and sign time sheets, payslips and other documents.

Different onboarding types

With a digital process, Akyla also helps flex organizations automate the onboarding of new employees. "The strength of our platform is that we support a lot of different onboarding types," Schievink explains. "When onboarding a truck driver, you want to have a copy of his major driver's license. So with that onboarding type, that's a required field so you can't forget it. But, of course, that field is not mandatory when onboarding a healthcare employee. Then a Certificate of Good Conduct is mandatory."

A flawless 'Employee journey'

According to Schievink, automation in this way contributes to fewer errors in the onboarding process and thus a flawless "employee journey" and happy employees. There is no need to ask the truck driver from the example about his major driving license afterwards.

"A new employee may also not start work until an onboarding is truly complete," Schievink states. "You're required to establish the new employee's identity before the first day of work, check his or her ID for authenticity and validity, and have contracts signed. But to digitize and automate those steps in the onboarding process, you need approved resources. Those are in place."

Onboarding in a 3-step rocket

To this end, Akyla integrated Rabobank ' s Rabo Identity Services and Signicat into its midoffice platform. Schievink: "Think of it as a three-stage rocket. The first step is establishing the identity of the new employee using iDIN. The employee logs in to his bank as he is used to with iDEAL and thus demonstrates that he is indeed 'Jan Jansen'. This is followed by a check of proof of identity using an ID scan. The third step is an IBAN Name Check to verify that the name given belongs to the bank account number given. And because those three steps allow us to know where the flex worker lives, we can also automatically calculate travel expenses."

Setting up the onboarding process yourself

"Rabobank and Signicat offer a broad portfolio of services," continued the Akyla director. "In turn, we can make combinations of these and deploy the right services in the right places." As an example, he gives the onboarding of a minor for which identification using iDIN is not possible. "Then we remove iDIN from the process and only perform the ID scan and the IBAN Name Check. By the way, our customers can set up the onboarding process themselves. We help them do that, including with training."

Multiple benefits

Digital onboarding using Rabo Identity Services offers Akyla's customers several benefits. For example, it prevents mistakes. According to Schievink, in practice it happens quite often that temporary workers accidentally enter the wrong IBAN number or type their name incorrectly. "With the IBAN Name Check, we get such an error out immediately." Typing in a wrong name is also a thing of the past with iDIN identification. Data such as residential address and last name are filled in automatically.

Another key benefit is that digital onboarding helps comply with laws and regulations and prevents fines. Schievink: "When onboarding a new employee, you are required to check his or her ID for validity. Failure to do so is punishable by huge fines that can run into the thousands of euros. These fines can be avoided with the ID scan, which immediately catches incorrect identity documents."

The solution of Akyla, Signicat and Rabobank also saves a lot of time. "During an onboarding you have to request quite a lot of information. If that all has to be done by mail or phone, an average onboarding quickly takes half an hour. With digital onboarding it is possible to onboard new employees within five minutes completely and according to the laws and regulations. A significant time saver for flex organizations that may perform as many as two hundred onboardings per week."

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