Flexmarket interview: "The solution to a tight labor market is there for the taking"

In the April 2023 Flexmarkt ICT magazine, our CEOs Martin Schievink (Akyla) and Gerard Mulder (Textkernel) were interviewed by Flexmarkt about the possible solutions that technology can offer in the tight labor market. 

In times of a tight labor market, the focus is often on finding new people. This is no different in the flex industry. The software solutions for recruitment are therefore legion, and no staffing organization can now do without them. But on the 'redeployment' front, it remains eerily quiet, while the technological possibilities for redeploying temporary workers are certainly emerging.

"In the coming years, there will be structurally more demand for labor than supply," expects Martin Schievink, CEO of Akyla (part of Textkernel) a midoffice software partner for staffing, payroll and secondment organizations. "And that means an increasing number of vacancies to fill. The second nature of many staffing organizations is then to focus entirely on recruitment. The opportunities for redeploying working temporary workers often go unused."

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