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In Akyla's digital file, you can view, manage and share all the necessary documents for your flex workers, your hirers and yourself - think employment contracts, pay slips and hiring agreements - online.

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Digital file in e-UUR

In e-UUR , the digital file is the gathering place for all kinds of different documents. In the digital file, you process pay slips, invoices, identity documents and signed employment contracts, among other things. But also: hiring agreements and loan agreements. Incidentally, the digital file can be found not only in the desktop version of e-UUR. The e-UUR app also provides access to important information. This way you ensure that flex workers and hirers can access their data anytime and anywhere.

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Digital file: the benefits

One of the main advantages of our digital file, is the fact that you can define your own roles and rights. In other words, you always have control over who is allowed to view, add or share which documents. Another advantage is flexibility. Perhaps you want an identity check to be performed automatically on all identity documents. Or that employment contracts should always be signed digitally, using our digital signature. You can easily set this (and more) in e-UUR . And the choice is always yours.

Benefits of the digital file summarized

We would like to list some of the advantages of the digital file for you:

  • All important documents visible in one location
  • Complete control over all those documents
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere - 24/7
100% digital take on contract

Onboarding into the digital file

The digital file also plays an important role in the onboarding of new flex workers. The term says it all: this involves getting new flex workers 'on board'. In e-UUR you can very easily generate employment contracts digitally, and these can also be signed digitally immediately. Requesting specific agreements on documents, such as the payroll tax form, is also done in e-UUR. And all these documents can of course be found in the digital file, where you can also keep an eye on whether or not they have already been signed.

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The digital signature in the digital file

In addition to this, we would like to tell you a bit more about that digital signature, which is so important for the digital file. So with the digital signature in e-UUR , you can have your flex workers' contracts digitally signed. But there's more. Your hiring agreements, phase agreements and loan agreements can also be signed digitally in full legal effect. And those documents too, signed and all, end up in the digital file. Good to know: our digital signature meets all the requirements as laid down in European Parliament directives. Reading tip: we have a blog series about the digital signature on our website. You will find in this series, among others, a blog about the legal validity of a digital signature and a blog about the legal requirements for a digital signature.

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Digital file: part of a comprehensive portal

The digital file is part of a comprehensive portal. A very extensive portal for temporary employment, payroll and secondment agencies, that is. To conclude, we will briefly tell you about a number of other features in e-UUR, in addition to the digital file, onboarding and the digital signature.

  • The Time Capture allows you to process hours worked by flex workers one hundred percent digitally.
  • The import tool allows you to import hours and expenses into e-UUR from an Excel or CSV file, among other things.
  • e-UUR has a handy app that allows flex workers to record their hours worked.
  • Approving timesheets in e-UUR very easy, as flex workers and hirers can do this from their mailbox.
  • In e-UUR you can keep track of leave and vacation hours (i.e.: leave registration).

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